School Committee

School Committee 2016-17
School Committee 2016-17

Scattergood Friends School is owned and under the care of Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends (Conservative).  All responsibility for governance of the school falls to the The School Committee. The School Committee is a group of 14 to 20 individuals from various backgrounds, most Quaker but not all, who serve for terms of 3 years. Committee members attend six School Committee meetings each year and serve on various subcommittees. Their mission is to support the goals and program of the school. They work to be open to new insights from any source and to be unencumbered by conflicting interests, roles and loyalties.  School Committee Website


Scattergood Friends School Committee

Bergus, George
Bergus, Rebecca
Gatewood, Lael
Greenler, Karen
Hampton, Ruth
Hansen, Lucy

Helm, Roy
Henderson, Phil
Leckband, Russ
Marsh, Lucy
Nelson, Gail
Schlitt, Dan

Tjossem, Kent
Wagner, Shana
Winchell, Bob
Winkleblack, Bob
Winsor, Ginny
Young, Katherine