Praise for Scattergood

“This place fills me with a sense of self so strong it’s indescribable, the lessons I’ve learned in and out of the classroom will stay with me for life.” –Student ‘12

“I love Scattergood because of the overall environment. For example, in classes I am encouraged to speak, and we have discussion-based classes where I feel like I am actually learning, rather than just remembering. We are encouraged to not only grow academically but as individuals, too. I love crew because it gives me not only the skills I may need for future jobs/odds and ends, but it instills a work ethic I didn’t have before.” -Student ‘14

Being immersed in a community of his peers that truly embrace him for who he is has been wonderful. The connections our son has made here, both with students and staff, have helped to shape him and will stay with him throughout his life. Before coming to Scattergood, he was in public school, where he did not find enough academic challenge. At Scattergood, the teachers have both pushed him intellectually and nurtured him as a whole person. His experience here has helped him to develop into a confident, assertive and thoughtful young man. Scattergood has truly been a bridge for him to cross from childhood into adulthood, and I know he is well prepared for college and beyond.” -Parent ‘12

Scattergood matters because it provides an environment apart from the ills of our culture, one which honors the development of a whole person and the exploration of the soul. It is at once a home, a place of academic learning, and a place to learn about what really matters. -Student ’12