Adventure and Service

Scattergoodians boldly venture forth.

Friends education strives to be socially responsible... Because Friends believe that faith requires action in the world, the schools emphasize the development of a caring community, peaceful resolution of conflict, and service to others, especially those less fortunate. .. Students grow into compassionate and responsible adults who recognize their interconnectedness with the larger human family. – Friends Council on Education


  • Annual all-school weekend camping trip in September


  • Week-long trips during Intersession in February:
    • Cross-country skiing at Camp du Nord and in Superior National Forest near the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota
    • Winter cozy cabin retreat in an Iowa State Park
    • Service trip to Su Casa (a shelter for displaced Latino families) on Chicago's south side


  • Spring Break lobbying and advocacy trip to Washington, D.C. 


  • Week-long Spring Trips for grades 9-11:
    • Backpacking in the Ozarks
    • Canoeing and camping in the Ozarks
    • Service trip to Tillers International in Michigan (an organization that focuses on international rural farming development using draft animals)
    • Bike-and-Farm trip biking between, working on and camping at organic farms in Eastern Iowa


  • Three-week-long May Term Trips for grades 11-12:
    • Appalachian Trail hiking
    • Cycling trip for 1,300 miles from the start Natchez Trace in Mississippi, all the way back to Scattergood
    • Kayaking in the Ozarks
    • Latin America Spanish immersion trip with homestays (recent destinations: Costa Rica, Bolivia, Honduras, Mexico)


  • Community Service is a graduation requirement
    • Students are required to complete 120 hours of community service before graduation. This averages to 30 hours per year. They can fulfill this requirement on or off campus and have a variety of opportunities throughout the year.
    • Juniors and seniors can participate in month-long, off-campus service trips each spring. These trips traditionally include service trips within the United States and in Latin America. During the Latin American trips, students stay with local families and participate in a variety of community action activities. Recent projects include helping to build a new medical center, building more efficient cookstoves, and clearing trails.