Outdoor Living Laboratories

Scattergood's organic farm, livestock, prairie,
and pond bring learning to life.


Scattergood Farm

Our certified organic farm provides over 140 varieties of fruits and vegetables for our dining hall and raises about 200 animals (cows, sheep, pigs, and turkeys) per year.  Students' farm involvement can range from a little: participating in one or two all-school work and harvest days per year, starting the year with our interdisciplinary 3-week Farm Term, and enjoying delicious farm-to-table meals... or a lot: creating original scientific research projects, enrolling in Farm Project classes and volunteering during free time and weekends.

Scattergood Prairie

Scattergood has over 26 acres of restored prairie which students use for hiking or cross-country skiing during free time and as a laboratory and studio during science and art classes. Prairie Management class assists faculty in an annual prairie burn which helps to maintain grass vitality, control invasive plants and supress established trees and bushes. This class also identifies and removes invasive species, catalogs new species and tackles other related hands-on projects.

Scattergood Pond

The pond and its small sand beach is the place to swim, find samples and specimens for biology class, organize a bonfire or broom hockey game, or angle for catfish.