Our Mission and Philosophy

Scattergood Friends School challenges students with a college-preparatory curriculum, farm experience, a shared work program, and community living in the spirit of Quaker faith.

Scattergood Friends School is a diverse, college preparatory community of motivated and open-minded learners, who value simplicity, equality, and non-violence. The integration of these Quaker values within our curriculum promotes excellence and leadership. At Scattergood, we bring forth the strengths of each individual through a rich and varied set of experiences which prepare students for higher education and life-long learning.

As a community, we appreciate the interconnection of our lives with the land, our inner selves, and each other. We actively learn in small classes on our historic campus, organic farm and restored prairie. We work together on the daily maintenance of the school. We cultivate our inner voice through quiet spiritual reflection and use that voice in community-shared leadership.

At Scattergood, we foster the development of the whole person in becoming a global citizen and steward of the Earth. We strive toward instilling a sense of purpose from our values and commitment to the wider and rapidly changing world.

Bug and Grace