• Humanities, U.S. History, Geometry, Seminar Teacher and Soccer and Basketball Coach
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    B.A. – Religious Studies – Grinnell College - 2003
    M.A. - English Education - Columbia University - 2015

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    Sam came to Scattergood in 2005 after four years of studying religion at Grinnell College and fresh off of a year living and teaching in Honduras. Sam loves many things about his work at Scattergood: he reads, writes, and thinks with students who enjoy it; he coaches diverse and dedicated soccer and basketball players; he leads small groups of students for a month in Latin America; he sweeps and mops the Meeting House. In the summers Sam is sometimes found early in the morning moving cows, hoping not to shock himself accidentally in the early morning fog.
    His work in the Masters in English Education program at Columbia University led him to think more critically about how to teach writing in authentic ways. The bottom line: he wants his students to write powerfully about things that they care about for people they care about. Scattergood is a remarkable place to make this work happen.