• Humanities, U.S. History, Geometry, Seminar Teacher and Soccer and Basketball Coach
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    B.A. – Religious Studies – Grinnell College - 2004
    M.A. - English Education - Columbia University - 2015

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    Sam came to Scattergood in 2005 after four years of studying religion at Grinnell College and fresh off of a year living and teaching in Honduras. Sam loves many things about his work at Scattergood: he reads, writes, and thinks with students who enjoy it; he coaches diverse and dedicated soccer and basketball players; he has lead small groups of students for a month in Latin America; he sweeps and mops the Meeting House. In 2016 Sam was married in that Meeting House. He and Alicia welcomed a son, Evan, in 2017. It’s a good place to be a family.

    Sam’s work in the Masters in English Education program at Columbia University led him to think more critically about how to teach writing in authentic ways. The bottom line: he wants his students to write powerfully about things that they care about for people they care about. Scattergood is a remarkable place to make this work happen.