Scattergood Students Need a Stove

Irving Treadway, Scattergood Class of 1984 and beloved Kitchen Manager since 1993,

revealed during a morning collection that "the broken stove is still broken," and it would be very helpful for the school to get a new one. Let's make Irving's dream come true! We are looking for donations of any size from people who love Irving, love Scattergood, or just love food.

The Scattergood kitchen does not only make delicious farm-to-table meals for our students, it is where countless alumni learned to cook for themselves or felt inspired to pursue careers cooking for others. When asked where he learned to cook, Irving said he learned mostly in the same kitchen where he teaches now.

Our goal is to raise $8,900 by October 15, 2017 to cover the cost of the stove, the delivery, and the installation. We are looking to get a Blodgett 60" Cafe Series Range with a 24" griddle, 6 burners, and 2 ovens (illustration on the right). Don't you wish you could make pancakes on that griddle?

Stories from alumni:

Theodore Byrnes '17: Scattergood provides ingredients, tools, and guidance to students learning basic cooking skills or exploring the culinary arts. It doesn't hurt that there are always hungry teenagers volunteering to eat the results of every cooking experiment. I was able to practice my passion for baking and decorating cakes in the Scattergood kitchen. Thanks to this experience and my great mentors, I easily found a summer job cooking in a restaurant and got to come back to campus to make a wedding cake for my teachers.

Ruth Hampton '85: The Scattergood kitchen is where I fell in love with BTU's, stainless steel, and feeding large groups of people. This led to my current career running a catering business.

Email to share your stories from the Scattergood kitchen.

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