Michael Severino-Patterson

Job Title: 
Biology/Ag. Research/Prairie Mgmt Teacher, Cross Country Coach

B.S. - Biology, B.A. Anthropology- Oberlin College

M.A. – Science Education-University of Iowa


Biology/Ag Science/Prairie Management Teacher & Cross Country

Mike grew up on the banks of the Iowa River in North Liberty, IA.  In between Oberlin and his graduate work at University of Iowa, Mike ran a small vegetable farm, taught environmental education and worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador doing sustainable agriculture.  He met his wife Jackie in Ecuador and together they live at Scattergood with their young daughter, Millie. 

Mike came to Scattergood in 2011. He loves the small class sizes and the freedom to explore the great outdoors with students that he is given at Scattergood. Mike is most proud of his work on the prairie, conducting spring burns, identifying what species are out there and removing the invasive ones. He also appreciates being able to help students find opportunities to work with local naturalists, professors and neuroscience graduate students; to get dirty dissecting cats or sampling macroinvertebrates in the pond; and to follow whatever their passions are in the natural sciences.  Mike is happy to have started the cross country running program and looks forward to continuing to build a running culture at Scattergood. Go Crew! 

Mike speaks Spanish and Kichwa in the home, and spends his summers in Ecuador teaching Amazonian Kichwa at the Andes and Amazon Field School in his wife’s hometown of Tena. He enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, splitting firewood, playing music, hiking, kayaking and cross country skiing.