Community Life

Health Office


Health office contact: or (319) 643-7613

Scattergood's health office dispenses medication and cares for and monitors minor injuries and illnesses. The Health Office Coordinator monitors student illnesses and refers to local medical professionals when necessary. Should a student need attention from a medical professional, staff will confer with parents, make appointments, and arrange transportation.  All staff members are Red Cross first-aid and CPR certified.

All medications, both prescription and non-prescription medication, are stored in a locked cabinet in the Health Office or in the dormitory. Their location depends on the time of day the medication is needed is only accessible to staff.  Medication administration is tracked and recorded via an electronic medical records system.

Medical Records System

Scattergood utilizes an online management system for medical records called Magnus Health SMR (Student Medical Record). As this is a web-based system, parents have continuous access to their child’s health records as well as the ability to make updates when needed. Parents also have the option to take this electronic file after the child graduates.

More information about Magnus Health SMR can be found at:

Health Insurance is Required

All students, both international and domestic, are required to have full-coverage health insurance that permits them to receive both emergency and primary care treatment in the State of Iowa.  Health insurance must be in place before arriving on campus.

International students studying on a F-1 Visa are required to be insured by at least an “A-“ or better rated carrier. International students are required to obtain US health insurance that covers accidents and illness. Scattergood recommends ISM's International Student Accident and Sickness Insurance. ISM's insurance provider has an "A+" rating which exceeds government rating requirements and meets the needs of our international students, affording them immediate health care in our region. Domestic and international students are eligible for this insurance.  This is an accident and sickness program – routine examinations, physicals, vaccinations and preventative medicine are not covered under this plan. There is a PPO available; however, students are not required to use the network.

Advising Program


The Advisory Program at Scattergood was developed to provide additional support for students. Advisors welcome students to campus and keep track of their advisees academic and social progress. They may provide rides to town, help with specific issues, make their student a birthday cake, and check on students when they are sick. Each Monday, advisors check in with their advisees at lunch. Most advisors also plan off-campus outings at least once each semester.

The advising system is a way to make sure that each student has at least one go-to person on staff. Parents are encouraged to contact the advisor when needed and advisors maintain regular contact with parents through Community Life Reports each term which monitors the total student including: dorm life, crew, health, social life, accountability, committee work, and community involvement.

Community Meeting


Community Meeting

Each Friday afternoon, the entire community, staff and students, gather for Community Meeting. The meeting is held in the traditional style of a Quaker Meeting for Business, run by two student Clerks and items for discussion must be brought to the Clerks prior to meeting time. Community meeting is a time for openly discussing concerns or issues regarding the community and the school. Many meetings include the telling of "Scatterbrains", humorous events from the past week involving someone from the community. The meeting ends with reading of the "Quaker Oats Notes." These notes are written anonymously and express appreciation for another's selfless act or a kindness done.

Student Meeting

At Scattergood, students play an integral role in the community and students at Scattergood have their voices heard.  Every Tuesday afternoon, the community splits into two meetings, Staff Meeting and Student Meeting.  Student Meeting provides an opportunity for discussion on any issue or change students would like to see and if desired, with staff present.  Topics can range from upcoming events and classes to workloads and policy changes.

Work Crews


At Scattergood, everyone is responsible for the community and that belief is the foundation of the Crew System. Staff and students work together to cook the community’s food, clean its buildings and maintain its grounds and organic farm, giving all a sense of common responsibility for running the school. Each student and staff member take part in a work crew for about 50 minutes each weekday.  Crews rotate every three weeks. This gives students an opportunity to build a base of practical knowledge in several areas. Students and staff share a sense of ownership and responsibility for their community.


AM/PM Main: Cleans and maintains the Main Building both morning and afternoon

Art Building: Maintains all studios

Vehicles: Washes and cleans school vans

Berquist House & Auditorium: Prepares and maintains the school guest house, sweeps and mops auditorium

Dorm Crews:  Cleans and maintains all public areas of the dorms

Classrooms: Cleans and maintains all classrooms

Facilities: Works with Facilities Manager on small projects around campus

Farm Crew:  Helps with all aspects of Scattergood Farm

Late Mop: Mops the dining hall at the end of the day

Library: Assists in care and maintenance of the library

Recycling: Collects, sorts and transports all campus-wide recycling; joins Farm Crew as needed

Meal Prep: Assists the cook in preparing the meals (separate crews for breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Meal Clean-Up:  Cleans dishes, kitchen and dining hall following the meals (separate crews for breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Technology:  Assists the Technology Coordinator with general technology maintenance


Scattergood Day-All the Rest

Meeting for Worship is one of the ways that Quakers seek individual spiritual guidance and share spiritual insights with each other. Each Thursday afternoon, the entire community gathers in the Meeting House for a 45 minute period of silent worship.  If an individual is “moved to speak” he or she stands, delivers the message they feel compelled to share and returns to silence. The Meeting concludes with shaking the hands of those seated nearby, and with a feeling of warmth and strengthening of community bonds through this shared experience in silence.

Collection is a shortened version of Meeting for Worship that occurs each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning for 15 minutes and provides a time for students to prepare for the day ahead.

"I'm not a Quaker. What's it like to go to go to collection?"  About 20 percent of our students and staff identify as Quaker. Students and staff often use this time for quiet reflection and community building.