Scattergood’s Inclusive Housing Policy

Approved by the School Committee on November 5, 2016


Scattergood Friends School houses a diverse community where all individuals have the opportunity to express their authentic selves and feel supported. Students and staff alike have chosen Scattergood because they feel it is a safe space to grow and learn. In an effort to maintain this safe space for all community members, Scattergood seeks to update the housing policy to better serve our transgender students. While this is the first step in the right direction, this policy does not specifically address every situation that may occur and we will continue to grow and learn together while addressing our students’ individual needs as they arise.

Scattergood has already taken steps to help and support our transgender students including creating gender neutral bathrooms, respecting and encouraging the use of personal pronouns and preferred names, and, most importantly, striving to maintain a progressive community that is eager and willing to learn. This policy is not perfect and we anticipate it, and other policies, changing to make our campus safer and more inclusive.


Each student will be respected and supported in their assertion of their own gender identity and expression. A student does not need a medical or mental health diagnosis for Scattergood to recognize and respect their gender identity We will support them in this process if they choose to seek medical services outside the school, with parental consent.

Scattergood currently maintains separate housing for male and female students in the East (female) dorm and West (male) dorm. Students will be supported in seeking safe, suitable housing based on their gender identity, meaning that the student and their family may request that the student be housed in the dorm that more closely aligns with their gender identity and not with their assigned sex. If a student would like to take advantage of this, the student and their parents/guardians will be asked to request this option through the admissions committee (comprised of the Head of School, Assistant Head of School, Director of Residential Life, and the Admissions Director), and Scattergood will make the final decision regarding a request after speaking with the student and parents/guardians.

Scattergood currently maintains two bathrooms in each dorm; one larger bathroom with a communal shower and a private bathroom with a bathtub/shower combination. For the time being, until we can further assess and update our physical plant, we will ask that transgender students housed under this policy use the private bathroom in each dorm. While we do not encourage or often allow single rooms, if a student wishes to be housed in a single room based on gender identity, we will attempt to comply, granted there is space available. We will never require that a student be housed in a single room because of their gender identity. If a student chooses to room with another individual/other individuals, we will need consent from all students and parents/guardians involved.

If a student has questions about this policy or would like further guidance in this process, they are welcome to discuss it with their advisor, the Assistant Head of School or the Director of Residential Life.