Campus Life

Scattergood studentsScattergood may be your first experience with dorm life. Scattergood has two dormitories, the West Dorm and the East Dorm, and only the residents of those dorms and their respective staff are permitted entry.  Each dorm has a team of staff dorm sponsors who supervise students and a staff dorm sponsor sleeps in the dormitory each night.

 (Read about Scattergood's Inclusive Housing Policy for transgender students.)


DorA student on dorm move-in daym rooms are about 170 square feet in size and and are shared by two students, although sometimes a room will have three students if there is not an even number of residents. You will be assigned a roommate for the first semester. Usually, a new student will room with a returning student, and international students will be assigned a roommate who speaks a different first language. You may apply to room with a friend during the second semester.  The time you report to the dorm at night and your lights out time depends on your status, which is linked to your grade level and how well you are meeting community expectations.

Each dormitory has one large locker-room style bathroom, one private bathroom, a lounge, and a kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave, and sink.  You may keep unrefrigerated snacks and food in your room if they are kept in sealed containers, and houseplants and aquarium fish are permitted. Small appliances (hot plates, coffee makers, etc.) are not permitted in your room, but may be operated in the shared kitchenette. All technology that can text or connect to the internet is required to be plugged into a central charging cabinet in the dorm lounge overnight.

Every Sunday evening, Dorm Meetings are held to discuss any issues pertaining to dorm and community life, whether they be social or interpersonal in nature. Meeting topics can cover anything from leaving dirty dishes in the sink to respecting privacy. Each meeting ends with a time for people to share any funny things that happened in the dorm and to celebrate good things from the previous week.

Living in community is new for many students when they first arrive at Scattergood, but most adjust and thrive in no time. Standards of behavior in the Scattergood community are centered on safety, honesty, self-respect and respect for the community as a whole. Expectations which Scattergood believes to be particularly important for the well being of both the individual and community are called Major Rules. Harassment, sexual relations, theft, destruction of property, non-compliance with dorm rules, dishonesty, and disrespect, are behaviors not tolerated at Scattergood Friends School. Drugs (including alcohol and tobacco) are not allowed at the school and their use can result in dismissal. If a student violates a Major Rule, they may be suspended, expelled, or sent to the Head's Advisory Committee (made up of students and staff). The committee works with administrators to enact fair and meaningful consequences.