2017-18 Academic Calendar


International Students: August 22
Seniors: August 23
New students: August 26 (10 a.m. - 2 p.m.)
All other returning students: August 27 (10 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
Students may not arrive on campus before these designated dates.

BREAKS (campus and dorms are closed)

Thanksgiving Break: November 18 to 26
Winter Break: December 16 to January 6
Spring Break: March 10 to 18
Summer Break begins: June 3

Important break info: Students may leave campus as early as noon the day before the beginning of break and all students must leave campus by noon on the first day of break.  Students may return to campus as early as (but not before) noon on the last day of break.  Dorms are closed over break and all students must make their own arrangements to stay with friends, family, or guardians during breaks.  Staff will provide transportation to/from local airports (CID or MLI) and bus stations.


All-School Camping Weekend: September 29-October 1
All students and staff go camping at a nearby state park.

Harvest Festival: October 20
Scattergood Friends School is hosting a community event for young adults, teens and families. For more information and to RSVP, check out our Facebook event page.

Scattergood Weekend:
 October 21-22
All families, friends, guardians, and alumni are invited to on-campus festivities, teacher conferences, special meals, and more.

Intersession: February 4-8
All students go on a service trip to Chicago, enjoy a cabin getaway at a local state park, or go on a magical cross-country skiing trip in northern Minnesota.

Spring Trips and Senior Week: April 30-May 6
While Seniors spend a week bonding and working on special campus projects, all other students spend the week on a backpacking or canoe trip in the Ozarks, or volunteering at Tillers International (a non-profit that develops draft animal farming solutions for developing countries) in Michigan.

May Term: May 7-28
Most Juniors and Seniors head off on three-week wilderness or Latin America trips, and on-campus course offerings are inquiry-based, multidisciplinary options that are new each year.  (Recent May Term classes have included Video Games and Society, Magical Structures, Food Writing, and Performance Art.)

Graduation: June 3