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"Heads Up" from Thomas and Christine

For nearly 125 years, Scattergood has been an inclusive, student-centered, inquiry-based and project-centered educational program adhering to Quaker principles of faith and practice.Heads of School 2014

The School Committee's recent report to Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) has challenged all of us who love and care about Scattergood's mission to take notice, to commit and invest in its future.  Scattergood is a way of life we can point to as a possibility for all. The school has continued to offer an excellent education for many who could not otherwise afford this private education and has been strongly committed to providing the financial means for students accepted to the program.

During the annual meeting for IYM(C), we were asked by the School Committee to realign duties for the coming school year. Debbie Galusha, the School Committee clerk, has worked closely with us to outline this new structure.  As Heads sharing school leadership responsibilities, Christine's focus will be on the external affairs of the school, whereas Thomas's focus will be on the internal affairs.

Titles and delineation of responsibilities will be as follows:

Christine Ashley, Head of School: Development and Advancement
Christine will determine programs for the recruitment of students, including marketing and outreach. She will represent the school to all constituents including neighborhood, students and their families, alumni, business community, faculty and staff, as well as state and federal agencies and local, state, regional, and national educational organizations and accrediting agencies. Finally, she will cultivate and effect generous support of the school so that we may invest in the school's next 125 years.

Thomas Weber, Head of School: Internal Operations
Thomas will oversee the school's staff, budget, and operations. He will lead and engage staff, students, parents, and community members with Quaker spirit and a steady eye on the school's mission in accordance with school policies. Thomas will oversee the advancement of academic and residential life programs, enrollment, and a multi-year financial plan.

We want to thank everyone for the genuine outpouring of love and hope for each of us as we move forward. We are mindful of the challenges and opportunities ahead;  please know that you can approach us with questions and concerns.                

Christine Ashley
Head of School: Development and Advancement

Thomas Weber
Head of School: Internal Operations

Debbie Galusha
Clerk, School Committee